Sunday, March 24, 2013

Differentiating Instruction 101

Everything You Want to Know About Differentiating:

This is an awesome PDF link about differentiated Instruction as a whole, comparing and contrasting a Differentiated Classroom and a Traditional Classroom through a variety of explicit strategies and ideas to use in the classroom. In addition, this PDF link gives several links to further one's education on differentiated instruction and books to read on the subject of differentiation. This is some of the best information I have found on differentiation!!!

Please post strategies and information you found to be helpful or strategies you use or want to use in regard to the links above:)


  1. Amy,
    Great idea for a blog - I am always looking for ways to best meet the needs of my students. The link you posted is full of amazing ways to differentiate in the classroom. Thank you for sharing that. I added it to my Delicious site! One strategy that I use during Guided Reading is to have my students use post it notes to write down their thoughts, questions, reactions, comments as they read. They also mark words that they don't know so that we can talk about difficult words and their meanings. This is a great strategy for metacognition - getting the students to think about their thinking.

    Looking forward to visiting this site regularly! :-)

    1. I too have used this with students, it is part of the Daily 5 and Cafe process which I LOVE... does your school use Daily 5 and Cafe?

  2. Great resources... thanks for sharing!